Ten Page Poetry Edit

Powerful yet cost effective: ten pages easily reveal weaknesses in music and rhythm, in figurative language, in voice, in grammar, punctuation, diction and syntax. Use these notes to self-edit the rest of your manuscript.

Send ten pages of poetry — a page defined as 30 lines (so you may send more than ten poems).

Give me ten days after receiving your package. I will give the poems a mindful reading and return them marked with suggestions. 

I'll also write 500-700 words detailing where craft is working particularly well for you and where it is not working so well. 

Please send a cheque or money order for $100 CAD made out to Ursula Vaira, 
or email to ursulavaira@leafpress.ca.
Ursula Vaira, Box 416, Lantzville BC V0R 2H0